10 Best Adhesive Bras For Sagging Breasts

Finding the perfect bra is incredibly difficult and a scavenger hunt each woman goes through.  This hunt becomes even more tricky when you are looking for an adhesive bra. Whether you are needing one for a special occasion, or you want this essential in your closet, finding the right one can make or break your outfit. You want to make sure it has enough support for your body type, pulls your cleavage up in the right places, and sustains the same placement all day. That is a long checklist that makes it considerably complicated to find what works for your body type. Today, we are going to talk about a selection of bras that are best suited for women with saggy breasts. Due to the nature of having larger boobs, these women are likely to have issues with the overall support and fitness of an adhesive bra.

Shopping Guide

Women who have saggy boobs are likely to have a harder time finding a bra that will fit them. Since each boob has its own need and manufacturers do not typically make bras to fit one particular woman. They make them fit the general population of people who purchase their products. Unfortunately, that leaves a large population of women out of many mainstream bra stores. To make the bra shopping experience easier, here are a few tips that you may find to be helpful.

When shopping for a bra, you want to make sure that you do get sized every time. Your bra size can change significantly over any period. Even if you go shopping for bras often, you want to make sure you are buying what would fit you most recently. It is a free service for bra shoppers at most bra shops and does not take much time at all.

Once you are properly sized, you know exactly what to look for, though some particular add-ons may become truly helpful to you when choosing a bra. For example, you may want to look for a bra that has at least 3 hooks on the back for better security. This also means the strap may be wider on your back, making it dig into your back less than a thin strip may.

You may also want to consider a bra that does not have a molded bra cup. Depending on the way that your breast is shaped, you may find that you have large breasts that simply don’t fill the cup-like others. If that is the case, consider an unmolded or fabric cup so your breast will fill the space in the bra more naturally.

Another tip is to consider getting a bra that has or does not have an underwire. This could be a beneficial way for you to lift your breasts and have the best support. Or, you could feel that the underwire is uncomfortable and unnecessary. This could also depend on what the purpose is of wearing the bra. If you need a new bra to lounge around the house in, this may be unnecessary. However, if it is for a special occasion where you are wearing a fancy dress that requires more support, an underwire may be your saving grace.

Lastly, you may be thinking that you are worried about your side-boob being extremely visible. In this case, you will want to find a bra with extra padding or material surrounding the cup and around the side-boob area. This way, it is supported and pulled in where you are wanting it.

Now that we have some majorly helpful tips in purchasing a bra for larger busted women, they can be taken into account when specifically looking for an adhesive bra. While not each of those tips will help you with the adhesive bra, it will certainly help you to think about what is most comfortable for you, when purchasing such a specific type of bra.

Best Adhesive Bras

Brassy Bra

Brassy Bra
The Brassy Bra is great and comes in many different nude colors to choose from. This company covers all of the areas you could need to be covered. The case comes with a set of bras, with nipple covers and side-boob tape for extra support. It is missing some sort of hook to hold our breasts together for some more cleavage. Although, the extra sticky adhesive that sticks better over time seems as if it would hold you in place well without a hook.

Niidor Adhesive Bra

This bra is great for a fancy outing dress in that you may be showing more cleavage than you normally would. With a small size nipple cover and a hook that will pull your breasts together for additional support, I feel that this could be a great bra to try. However, this bra does not have much side boob support, and does not come in many nude colors for other skin tones. Though, I feel this could be a great adhesive bra for some larger women who fit this category.

Nipple Covers by NIPPIES

These nipple covers are great for those women who may have a dress with a fitted underwire built in. While they are only nipple covers and do not come with any support or hooks, it is a great resource to have for travel or a strapless outfit. They stick on all day long and come in a few nude shades.


An invisible sticky bra like this covers your breasts well in any situation and has great support. While they are more oddly shaped and do have an odd fabric across the top, they are a great way to pull your breasts up to where you want them to be. You may find that you may need to cut down on some of the lift sections, or around the cup. This way they are not visible through your clothes or peek out.


For those with a severe under-boob fear, this sticky push-up bra is backless and invisible. With the use of an underwire, nipple covers, and adhesive, this bra allows you to wear any top without any bra straps showing, and still have an attractive cleavage. Coming in several colors, it is sure to be invisible through your clothes.

Umooie adhesive bra

This push-up bra is great support for those who are looking to get as much cleavage as possible without bra straps. By putting on the sticky nipple covers, and adjusting the middle straps as you need, you will not need to worry about losing the placement you put it in initially. It also covers quite a lot of the side of your breasts, allowing it to stick on you and not push out any side boob.


This bra is more for the truly busty woman who prioritizes security. Made with nipple covers supporting your breasts, you have an underwire, as well as a tape supporting your side boob. It comes in one color nude, but it also is meant to withstand any tremendous movement you do, and any heat you will be under.


This bra is similar to other bras we have found with an adhesive nipple cover secured between the breasts with one hook. However, this bra additionally is equipped with a comfortable layer of fabric atop the adhesive. This fabric separates your top with the adhesive, allowing your top to fall naturally on the bra.

IssTry adhesive bra

This nipple covers come in some fun shapes, equipped with breast tape and great colors. Additionally, they can be reused consistently if cleaned properly. This is a great option for those who are new to wearing adhesive bras as the tape along the top of the cover will allow them to adjust their breast placement however they want to.


Of course, it is truly important to think about all of the different elements that go into a bra when you are purchasing one. Most specifically, you want to make sure to get recommendations from those who are similar to your bust. So when researching, make sure you are getting the research from those around you that may have similar expectations, issues, and needs in a bra. This will help you narrow down several bras when you are deciding which one works best for you.

The other tip I would give you is to purchase several, and test out which one works best for you. If you end up having several you do not like, send them back. This process makes it easy for you to compare the various types of bras to choose from. It is also much easier for you to decide what you are looking for if you have to go back to the store or online if the initial batch did not work. I hope that these tips and options helped you find the adhesive bras that take the stress away from purchasing a bra.

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