13 Best Wireless Bras For Support And Comfort & every size

While we’ve long been taught that the wireless bra pales in comparison to its wired counterpart when it comes to boost and support, the marvels of modern science have certainly made the differentiation between these types of bras significantly less noticeable. In fact, wireless bras can still support your chest by relying on more structured fabrics that are naturally designed to offer support, sans hardwire.

Wireless bras are a great choice for women of all cup sizes, though they’re generally best for those who require (or desire) slightly less artificial shaping. If your chest has a naturally lifted shape and doesn’t require any extra perkiness, then a wireless bra is perfectly adequate (and most likely, much more comfortable) you may even forget that you have anything on at all.

Below, we dive into our 13 favorite wireless bras from bralettes to strapless bra options and everything in between.

Best Overall wireless bra:

Aerie Real Sunnie Wireless Push Up Bra

Aerie Real Sunnie Wireless Push Up Bra

This bra is for those who crave a sports bra feel with underwire-level support. With a 4.8-star rating, many of the 800 reviews claim that this is the best bra ever. It is popular across all chest sizes and offers a soft, comfortable fit.

The nylon material is moisture-absorbing to prevent sweat marks throughout the day and the high elastane percentage keeps this bra stretchy to mold to your ribcage.

Customers with smaller and larger breasts say that this bra offers high levels of support. The push-up design offers a boost to those with a flatter chest and ample coverage and lift for those with a larger bust. It also has adjustable straps for a perfectly tailored fit.

Best Soft-Cup Wireless Bra:

Spanx Bra-llelujah! Bralette

For an everyday, wire-free bra that still offers significant structure and support, look no further than this sleek style from Spanx. Stars like Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba are fans of its older sister, the Bra-llelujah Bra, and the bralette version is just as beloved.

Designed with a patented all-hosiery smoothing back and soft, dig-free straps, this bra has no metal hardware or elastic for maximum comfort and longer life span. What’s more, to ensure the best fit and wear for every size, Spanx uses an added fabric layer in cups for sizes large and extra-large.

Best Nursing Wireless Bra:

Auden Nursing Seamless Bra

For new mothers, the right nursing bra can at the very least alleviate some of the discomfort that arises between nursing sessions—and this wireless option from Target’s Auden line is designed to do just that.

The style features a stretch panel below the cups to provide a snug fit for better support and to hold nursing pads in place as to confidently go about your day, plus an adjustable closure that makes it easy to switch up the fit of the bra to accommodate fluctuations in breast size before and after nursing or pumping or due to changes in milk supply. What really matters, though, is that real mothers suggest the bra.

“Bonus points for the inner pad being just thick enough that my nursing pads don’t show through, but thin enough to be comfortable, and for the six closures that more than accommodate my changing postpartum body,” reads one of the over 1,000 reviews.

Best Full Coverage Wireless Bra

Warner’s Cloud 9 Wireless Contour Bra

If you haven’t yet found a wire-free bra that suits you, try this Warner’s bra. It has good coverage, so when you lean forward nothing pops out and a little padding to fill out the cups. And our testers all commented on how comfortable and supportive they found the bra. It’s made of extra-soft polyester/elastane and has adjustable, supportive straps, and an attractive neckline you can wear with V- and scooped-necklines. It feels quite snug at first, but after a few wears it fits really comfortably and has just enough padding and support to give a natural shape. It comes in 5 colors including black and white.

Available in sizes: 34 – 40 and cup sizes A – C

Best Value Wireless Bra

Hanes Ultimate Perfect Coverage Wire-free Bra

The Hanes Perfect Coverage wire-free bra was praised for its high level of comfort and fit. The full coverage foam cups and hook-and-eye fastener were reported to be good for shape and support. And every tester loved that it was made from a special 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you.

This is a lightweight bra that you really hardly feel when you’re wearing it. It’s a very affordable bra, too, that looks great with smart, subtle patterns of lines, stripes or dots printed on the cups. The patterning doesn’t show through clothing and this bra stays in place well throughout the day.

Available in sizes: XS – 2XL (cup sizes A – D)

Best Eco-Friendly Wireless Bra

Boody Shaper Bra

For a cooling, comfortable and sustainable option, this bra is made out of breathable bamboo material and features a seamless design with ribbed contour detailing throughout. It offers light to medium support, soft shoulder straps, and has no wires or hooks for a near-braless feeling on the skin.

These qualities make this bra ideal for at-home, causal wear, and doubles as a nursing bra, especially during the night. However, this bra does not offer much structure and likely will not be suitable for work, more formal settings, or exercising— particularly for those with larger breasts. 

There are shade inclusive with four nude colorways and moisture-wicking benefits. It is easy to wash and is an Earth-friendly option to purchase as a lounge-friendly bra, a gift for a new mom, a young teen, or for individuals with sensitive skin.

Fabric: 80% bamboo viscose, 13% nylon, 7% spandex | Fit: True to size | Size Range: XS-XL (fits up to a 42DD)

Best Lace Wireless Bra:

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Soft Bra

You might be surprised that such delicate lace can hoist your ladies for an entire day, but this wireless bralette delivers. The recovery of the bra after wearing and washing it is also something worth noting: It holds up and won’t lose its look or shape. The color range offered is another highlight, and will hopefully encourage you to choose a shade not already in your draw such as pale green, yellow, or red.

Softest Wireless Bra

Commando Minimalist Tank Bra

Made of soft, smooth nylon and elastane this is another highly comfortable bralette that offers medium support. It looks cute in all of the 5 colors available and is a fashionable minimalist top you can wear underneath clothing, or alone for yoga and exercise classes. As a loungewear/sleep garment you can relax in at home. And it gained a high ‘comfort score’ from our testers who also found it easy to put on and off. Some testers said they really needed this bralette to have adjustable straps for a better fit.

Available in sizes: XS – XL (cup sizes A – D)

best wireless push up bra

Lively The No-Wire Push-Up

Who says you need a wire for a push-up bra? Certainly not Lively, whose wire-free push-up bra fits cup sizes 32A-36D with gentle padding at the bottom for just the right amount of lift. Plus, for sizes 36C and up, the straps are slightly wider to ensure maximum lift and support with minimal digging.

best wireless support bra

best wireless bra for large bust

Knix V-Neck Evolution Bra

Toronto-based company Knix offers a tight edit of wireless bras, with the V-neck style being one of its most highly rated—with 4,492 reviews, to be exact.

The supportive, seamless design fits up to a size 42G, and features a just-low-enough cut should you want to wear a lower top, plus thick, nicely textured straps that won’t dig (so you can spend the time you would be adjusting all day doing something more worth your time). “It’s quite comfortable,” shared one reviewer. “90 percent of the time I don’t even know I’m wearing a bra.”

Best Wireless Bra for Small Busts

Pepper Limitless Wire-free Bra

Pepper’s latest wire-free bra was popular with testers for its comfort and the fact that the cups fit small breasts without gaping. It’s specially designed to suit smaller busts, but some of our team would have liked it to offer more uplift. It’s a very soft bra made from polyamide and elastane. And testers found the cups a little on the small side, so you may need to go up one size to get the best fit and sufficient coverage.

It looks smooth under thin clothing and has a handy air-vent at the front to keep you cool when doing yoga or working out. There are removable pads and it comes in 6 colors including several nude shades.

Available in sizes: 30 – 38 AA – B cups only

Best Cotton Wireless Bra: 

Tommy John for large breasts

If you prefer the natural feel of cotton undergarments, Tommy John’s popular cotton wireless bra is ideal. It features molded cups covered in soft cotton fabric that’s still breathable.

Testers raved that Tommy John bras made them “finally believe that wireless bras can still be supportive enough.” The wide bottom band prevents any lumps or bumps while providing comfortable support. 


When choosing any bra, especially a wireless one, there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

Strap Style: Depending on what you typically wear, you’ll want to choose a bra with straps that work for your wardrobe. Think racerback straps for jersey tank tops, spaghetti straps for short sleeves and tees, and strapless for tube tops. Or, consider a versatile bra with convertible straps to transform for your outfit. After all, without the wire, straps play a big supporting role, so read reviews and choose wisely to ensure your boobs get the support they need. No straps? No problem! Read on for what to consider instead.

Support: Oftentimes, we equate “wire” with “support,” but when you go wire-free, you don’t have to sacrifice the support. Look for wireless bras that have structured fabric, a stretchy underband, or adjustable straps to ensure the perfect supportive fit. Remember: Wireless strapless bras can be effective for all bust sizes, but that’s where material and style come into play.

Material: Cotton and microfiber bras are ideal for everyday wear because they provide soft comfort, while breathable nylon and polyester bras are best for wicking away sweat and moisture. Dressing up? Nylon, spandex, and silkier bras are the perfect option to wear under dresses and blouses, especially if your bra is wireless because they give a little more structure, so your fit isn’t too relaxed.

Style: Opting for cups lined (whether lightly or push-up) is another way to add some extra structure and, therefore, support a wireless bra. Trust us — no one would ever know some lined bras are wire-free, especially if they have a V-shaped neckline. Unwired and unlined bras, though, provide a more natural look perfect for lounging at home, running errands, or other casual to-dos.

Underwire Bras or Wireless Bras 

Since bras are not a one-size-fits-all garment, we selected a variety of different types of wireless bras to quite literally fit all of your busts’ needs. Because let’s face it: Some days you want something more comfortable to lounge in off-duty, and other days, you may want more structure without underwire. These are the best wireless bras and bralettes that’ll quickly be your go-to picks to slip on.

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