How to Fix East West Breast & Make Boobs Closer Together

What is East West Breast?

East West Breast is a bust type in which the breasts are separated from one another and often lean in opposite directions. To know if you have east west breast, a fist will fit between your breasts. If the edges of your fist do not touch your breasts you’re likely to have side set breasts. Another sign is if your nipples point outwards, instead of straight ahead, this also means you may have east west breast.

How to Dress if You Have East West Breast

Some women with this bust type struggle to find a bra that adequately fits and looks good as well. The best type of bra in this case are t shirt bras with sufficient side coverage. These bras will bring together the breasts with the side coverage.

Push-up bras can also provide a similar result. These bras improve the appearance of those with east west breast by positioning the breasts closer to the sternum. These bras also support the breasts to make them appear fuller.

Bathing suit tops for side set breasts can enhance their appearance. Tops with side padding help push the breasts together for increased cleavage. Adjustable shoulder straps lift the breasts as well, which also increases the cleavage. Lastly, halter tops are another great option. This style of top is largely adjustable which makes tightening and securing the breasts much more manageable.

Flattering blouses can be challenging. Cold shoulder tops offer coverage and structure to keep side set breasts centered.  Another top that is great for this body type is a plunging neckline. Leaning into the look of widely spaced breasts allows you to wear those tops with plunging necklines with minimal risk.

How to Change Breast Shape

How to Change Breast Shape

Lifestyle changes can improve the appearance of your breasts. Such changes can include gaining weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Gaining weight can add breast tissue and fill out the bust for many women. Exercises that add pectoral muscle can also fill out the bust.
This includes push-ups, strengthening yoga, bench pressing, etc. While exercising the chest, it’s important to maintain a higher calorie diet to build pectoral muscle instead of slimming the breast tissue.

For more severe cases of side set breasts, medical interventions are available as well. While side set breasts are generally unproblematic, some may experience significantly asymmetrical side set breasts, or nipples that point outwards. In some cases medical interventions can help women achieve a higher level of confidence regarding their breasts. Less invasive procedures include dermal filler and Botox injections. These procedures improve the texture of the skin, while slightly filling out the bust as well. Filling out the bust can bring the breasts closer together.

Aptos threading

Aptos threading can lift and reposition the breasts. The results of this procedure change the placing of the breasts. Aptos threading is a procedure largely used for facial and eye lifts. It works by inserting a thread into soft tissue and pulling the threads taut. Thus lifting and positioning the breast tissue as desired.

Another procedure, colloquially known as a vampire breast lift, is when your breasts are injected with platelet rich plasma. This solution is obtained from your own blood samples, lending to its nickname. Though not largely researched, this procedure can improve the fullness and texture of the breasts. This form of breast lift works by increasing the elastin in the skin, increasing the growth of collagen, and stimulating cell growth in the breast tissue. Elastin is a protein which improves elasticity of the skin. Collagen provides structural support in the skin. Both of these improve the texture and appearance of the bust.

Traditional breasts lifts are also an option. This procedure means the skin around breast tissue is altered to lift and position the breasts and nipples where the recipient desires. Breast reductions and augmentations also have similar results as well. Breast reductions usually involve some level of lifting and positioning as well. This is done via skin and tissue removal. Breast augmentations involve the insertion of implants made of a variety of materials. Typically, the insertion of the implant provides shaping for the breasts and minimal lifting is done or even needed. However, every procedure will be specific to the individual’s needs and preferences. Medical procedures come with their own risks and should be thoroughly discussed with your provider.

Breasts change dramatically over time depending on lifestyle habits as referenced earlier. Exercise, diet, pregnancy, and breastfeeding change the shape and size of your bust. Even throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle breasts sizes can change noticeably. Ultimately, the most consistent trait of a woman’s breasts is that they will alter constantly depending on a variety of life factors. A woman’s breasts are important to making her feel confident, there are many ways to improve the look and fullness of one’s breasts with or without medical interventions.

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