How To Get Rid Of Under Boob Fat? 7 Things You Can Do

We all have fat in our bodies; our butt, our boobs, and even our face. But what do you do when there’s an excessive amount of unwanted fat building up in one specific area?

Whether it’s your stomach, your boobs, your arms, or your legs, to get rid of excess fatty tissue you have to first figure out what exactly it is that’s making you gain extra weight is the first step.

Underboob fat (or otherwise) fat on your ribcage, is generally related to fat that builds up over time in your torso region.

There aren’t any straightforward ways of losing weight in any particular area of your body. But if you contribute to an active and healthy lifestyle you will soon be able to see results in every part of your body. Here’s a list of 5 ways to get rid of those unwanted extra pounds.

Find A Comfy Bra

You may be able to hide the appearance of your rib section by wearing a well-fitted bra.

A bra that can lift with light to full coverage and that’s comfortable at the same time will be the best. Look for a bra with no wires and a double layer band for back and rib coverage (similar to a sports bra). Bras with wires tend to fit tighter than ones without and a tighter bra means pinched skin that enhances the underlying fat tissue causing ‘rolls under boobs’.

A Contour Bra

A contour bra is also an option here to give you the best results for lifted boob support and comfort that lasts all day long. They are great as t-shirt bras because they are padded and unified, giving breasts a smooth, rounded look. For women that are especially full in the bust and looking for an everyday bra, a t-shirt contour bra is the way to go. It gives a seamless and clean look all around.

A Corset Bra

A corset bra is your all around and sexy body contouring bra. If you’re willing to go a little above and beyond to get your best shape, a corset bra is the way to go.

It is designed to define your torso and contour your breasts. Instead of smoothing your figure, like most bras, it pulls you in at the waist and provides your bust with a little lift too. Corsets offer support from your bust right down to your hips, pulling you in and defining your shape.

Weight Management

Obtaining a healthy weight can not only help you reach your belly goals, but it can also lower your risk for health problems. Starting your journey by eating better and managing your weight currently and when the weight is finally off will truly benefit you in the long run.

But reaching a certain number on the scale or only cutting out one snack a day isn’t going to provide benefit to you. Truly changing your lifestyle will.

1.  Plan your meals

Deciding which recipes you want to make for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then making a grocery list for them will help you be less likely to spend money on unhealthy fast food. Replace meats with lean proteins like beans, eggs, and fish. This will cut down on a big amount of fat intake you’d get from meats like steak, ribs, and pork.

2.  Keep a diary of your activity and the foods you’re eating.

Keeping a diary will not only instantly increase your awareness of what and how much you’re eating, but it will also help you to identify the things in your daily life that you need to change. The idea is to record what you are eating or doing physically before actually doing it.

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

1.  Improve your eating slowly and over time.

Completely changing your diet rapidly can be unhealthy. Sometimes, it can even inhibit you from keeping the weight off once you do lose it. Make sure to take this journey slowly and efficiently.

2.  Eat foods that will fill you up, but with foods that are actually good for you as well.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to go vegan or cut out all of your favorite foods. It might mean no more of your favorite junk foods though. When I say junk, I mean the cookies, the candy, and any other foods or drinks high in sugar content and starches. This especially includes anything on a nutrition label that rhymes with “gross” (i.e. fructose, glucose, dextrose, etc.).

Instead of soda or juice, opt for sparkling or natural spring water. Drinking lots of water can make you feel full. It can also rid you of toxins in your body that may be preventing you from achieving your desired weight and keeping it off.

Eating fewer calories doesn’t have to mean eating less or changing specifically what you eat. Replace high calorie foods such as cow milk, noodles, and bread with replacement foods that are similar and lower in calories like almond milk, lentil noodles, and lettuce.

3.  Eat only when you are truly hungry.

Eating only when you are actually hungry and not just bored will decrease the amount of food intake throughout your day so that you aren’t “snacking”. Sometimes when we’re watching tv or distracted another way, we tend to overeat and eat fast at that. We eat so fast when we’re distracted that we look down and realize we have no food left in our hands and tend to feel like we didn’t eat anything so, therefore we get more.

Workouts & Exercises for fat on ribs under breasts

Working out and exercising are two of the most natural ways to not only lose weight but to feel good mentally and physically.

Make physical activity a part of your everyday routine; like you do brushing your teeth and taking a shower. Whether it’s going for a long walk in the morning or exercising once a day, doing 30 minutes of physical activity is highly effective and suggested.

1.  Cardio

Cardio is going to be the fastest way to lose weight anywhere in your body. Cardio means getting your heart pumpin’ and ‘breaking a sweat’, as they say. Going up and down stairs, walking, running, doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, and hiking are all forms of cardio workouts.

2.  Ab training

If you want to target your underboob area and your torso region specifically, you can do so with abdominal (ab for short) training. Ab training includes workouts like crunches, sit-ups, and planks. There are even great yoga and pilates exercises you can do to train your abs as well.

Get Checked

Make sure you are healthy.

Excess fatty tissue around your ribcage can contain subcutaneous and visceral fat. Visceral fat is fat stored deep inside the belly and around the organs. Visceral fat can lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and in women, breast cancer or gallbladder disease.

You’ll want to check your BMI and be seen by a doctor prior to trying any extreme diets and/or physical activities.

Last Bet

If you absolutely cannot lose weight on your own or you do not want to try these options, you could always opt for trying surgeries like liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat from specific areas of the body. It can also shape and contour such areas as well.

Remember that surgeries like this are no end all and be all solution. Losing weight on your own with diet and exercise will truly be the most valuable.

Supportive Products for Underboob Fat: Enhancing Weight Management and Body Contouring

While there are no specific products that can directly target or reduce underboob fat, there are some products that can help with overall weight management and body contouring. These products can support a healthy lifestyle and contribute to overall fat reduction:

  1. Compression Garments: Wearing compression garments, such as compression bras or shaping camisoles, can provide support and help create a smoother appearance in the underboob area. They can also help improve posture during workouts and daily activities.
  2. Topical Creams and Lotions: Certain topical creams and lotions claim to aid in fat burning or skin tightening. However, their effectiveness in specifically reducing underboob fat is not scientifically proven. It’s important to research and consult with a healthcare professional before using such products.
  3. Body Firming Creams: Body firming creams can help improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. While they won’t directly target underboob fat, they can contribute to overall skin health and firmness in the area.
  4. Exfoliating Scrubs: Regularly exfoliating the underboob area can help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. While it won’t directly reduce fat, it can promote healthy skin and minimize the appearance of unevenness.

Remember, these products are not magical solutions for spot-reducing underboob fat. They should be used in conjunction with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle for optimal results. It’s always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before using any new products.


Is it possible to target fat loss in a specific area, such as underboob fat?

According to the article, there aren’t any straightforward ways to lose weight in a specific area of your body. Weight loss tends to occur overall rather than in a specific targeted area. However, focusing on overall weight management, including a healthy diet and exercise, can help reduce excess fat in various parts of the body, including the underboob area.

Can wearing a well-fitted bra help reduce underboob fat?

Wearing a well-fitted bra can help improve the appearance of the underboob area by providing support and coverage. It can help lift the breasts and minimize the appearance of rolls or bulges caused by skin and fat. However, it’s important to note that wearing a bra alone will not eliminate or reduce underboob fat.

Can liposuction be a solution for underboob fat?

Liposuction is mentioned as a potential option for removing fat from specific areas of the body, including the underboob area. However, it is important to note that liposuction is a surgical procedure and should be considered as a last resort. It is generally recommended to focus on lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise before considering surgical options.

How can overall weight management contribute to reducing underboob fat?

Maintaining a healthy weight through proper diet and regular exercise can help reduce overall body fat, including underboob fat. Incorporating a balanced diet with lean proteins, vegetables, and whole grains while avoiding high-calorie and sugary foods can aid in weight management. Additionally, engaging in regular physical activity, including cardio exercises and abdominal workouts, can contribute to overall fat loss.

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