12 Most Comfortable Bras Every Woman Should Have 2022

Women have different tastes when it comes to their lingerie drawer, but most would agree that nothing can ruin a day faster than an uncomfortable bra. The problem is there are so many options out on the market – some will work for you and others might not! But luckily we turned our research skills around finding which bras do provide comfort at first wear without any pain or discomfort after wearing them all night long. The top-rated bras listed below not only have near-perfect ratings, but also tons of five-star reviews. From a flattering everyday bra to a versatile convertible option to a sexy bralette, these 12 styles can make you look and feel good.

Here is a list of the most comfortable bras on the market:

Most durable Bra Overall:

Natori ‘Pure Luxe’ Custom Coverage Bra

Natori Pure Luxe Custom Coverage Comfortable Bra

Our panel rated this bra as the most comfortable bra in our tests and it was also the most durable because it washed well and held its shape after our stretching test. We’re so sure of the bra’s performance that even after testing dozens of styles, our experts continue to favor it.

With its foam cups, supportive underwire, adjustable straps, and hook-eye closure, this traditional bra is ideal for everyday wear. It offers coverage throughout but is still invisible under most clothing. It is also available in a variety of colors, such as neutral shades and vibrant hues with a selection of various cup sizes.

Tester notes: Users loved the smooth fabric, and also said it fit well. A handful of users who tried this bra reported that they could wear it under any thin T-shirt without revealing themselves through visible cups or straps – which is perfect for everyday use! Similarly, another satisfied customer noted, “The inside of my bras feels so comfortable on skin!”


The Most Comfortable Strapless Bra:

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Nordstrom customers are raving about this strapless bra by Wacoal, with 4.7 stars and more than 1,400 reviews. “This smoothing bra has molded cups with a light foam padding to provide a comfortable, natural shape, with boning on the back and sides along with grippers on the straps to keep the bra in place.”. With several boatneck tees, I don’t like my bra straps showing. This bra is the perfect solution. I also found that in hot weather, it’s more comfortable to have no straps. I ended up purchasing a second one,” raved one customer.

Most Comfortable Bra for Large Busts:

Freya Idol Underwire Molded Balcony Bra

It can be difficult to find a bra that fits well if you have a large cup size, but this stylish yet functional style may be the answer to your shopping problems. Our tests revealed that it performed exceptionally well up to a size HH (which is the equivalent of a US size L in the UK). 

During our lab’s testing, it was durable without any issues to report, and our panel enjoyed wearing it. Since the cut isn’t too high and the straps aren’t too wide, this thoughtfully designed bra offers support while still working with almost all clothing. With soft cups and an underwire to keep things in place, this bra provides a rounded shape and is adjustable.

Testers notes: The testers with this style wore cups from D to G, and they liked the way it fit, felt supportive, looked nice, and was comfortable. The style of the bra is feminine, flirty, and cute, according to a DD-cup tester. Besides appreciating the style, a G-cup tester noted, “I love the support.”

Most Comfortable Sports Bra:

Fittin Racerback Sports Bra

Looking for a supportive sports bra that is comfortable and supportive? Fittin’s sports bra is highly recommended by 16,000 Amazon customers. While working out, you will stay cool and dry in this pull-on bra because of its moisture-wicking capabilities. “It is the most supportive and comfortable sports bra I have ever owned. I’ve even bought ones from athletic stores that cost three times as much as this one, and they are nowhere near as good.” said one shopper.


Most Comfortable for Everyday Wear: 

Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Bra

Bali Comfort Revolution Wire-free Bra is popular on Amazon, where its ratings are over 19,000. One Motherly editor has four of these in her collection, a testament to the wire-free design’s ability to offer shape and support. The wider straps can be adjusted for the most comfortable fit, and they come with a standard hook and eye closure. The thin foam cups provide just the right amount of coverage without being too thick. They’re great for V-necks because of the plunge.

Available in band sizes 34-42 and cup sizes B-DDD

Most Comfortable for Small Busts:

Pepper Limitless Wire-free Scoop Bra

Bras designed by this brand are specifically made to fit A, AA, and B cup wearers, unlike other bras that might just be scaled down to fit smaller cup sizes. While it is wire-free, it still provides lift with its stretchy fabric and shallower cups than traditional bras. As well as modest coverage, the cups are lightly lined, and the fabric is ultra-soft and slightly compressive, and the company describes it as feeling like a hug from your favorite pair of yoga pants. Pepper also offers an underwire bra with a curved back that’s optimal for smaller busts. Just be aware that some users found the band too narrow, so I suggest sizing up.

Tester notes: Our A and AA cup testers liked how closely the cups fit without any gaps; they also liked how comfortable the fabric felt and how great it looked under clothes. One A-cup tester even remarked, “It gives me cleavage, which not all bras do!”


Most Comfortable Maternity Bra:

Bravado! Seamless Nursing and Maternity Bra

It is important to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby during breastfeeding, and this nursing bra allows you to do so easily. The full drop-down cup allows your baby to be comfortable while you feed. The freedom of not having to worry about wires and seams allows you to enjoy this special time with your baby. This nursing bra is designed with four-way stretch fabric which hugs your body no matter how it changes, and flexible removable foam inserts that ensure shape and discretion while nursing. It is available in a wide size range, so it can fit any breastfeeding woman.


Most Comfortable Wireless Option:

Wacoal How Perfect No-Wire Contour Bra

With Wacoal’s wire-free bra, you don’t have to feel stressed about underwire bras. The bra is made of super soft material and has foam-lined cups that shape your bust without using wires. “I’ve been looking for a no-wire, wired bras that provide ample coverage and comfort.

I found it with this bra! It is sturdy enough to support my 36DD chest while being comfortable at the same time.” I highly recommend it,” said one shopper.


Most Comfortable Bralette:

Bali Comfort Revolution Bralette

The Bali Comfort bralette is revolutionary in bra styles. It has all the comfort features you’d expect from such an unconventional style, such as moisture-wicking fabric and wire-free coverage, while still giving your ladies the lift they require.

Most Supportive Front-Close Bra:

Playtex 18-Hour Posture Boost Front-Closure Bra

With “Magic Rings” technology, this bra has featured a lifting cup as well as side support. The back of the bra features an X-shape that is meant to improve posture and make you feel comfortable with the adjustable straps that help it fit exactly right. Moreover, it has a five-hook closure on the front that makes wearing it easy for all users.

Most Comfortable for Lift and Side Support:

Knix Wing Woman Contour Bra 

The Knix Wingwoman Contour Bra gives you a regular bra fit with lift and separation without all the fuss. Knix’s signature fabric makes it silky soft with just the right amount of stretch, and its molded foam cups give definition without bulking up. This bra also makes sure you get extra side coverage.

Available in sizes 1-8+ which fits standard sizes 32A-42G


Best Post-Mastectomy Bra:

The Brobe Recovery Bra

This bra has been specially designed for women recovering from surgery. It features velcro closures that make it easy to get on and off, as well as pockets for storing hot or cold gel packs or prosthetic breasts. With its adjustable straps, it is equally suitable for those who have undergone mastectomies, reconstructions, breast reductions, or augmentations as it is for arthritis sufferers. It can also create gentle compression to reduce back pain.

Satisfied customer: “I recently underwent a double mastectomy and was given so many recommendations about bras, shirts, etc. My sister bought me the Brobe and they have been such a lifesaver. I have since purchased two more Brobe bras because they are comfortable and easy to wear!”

How to measure your bra size:

It’s recommended that you get fitted for a bra in person if you can.  Women’s clothing sizes vary widely from brand to brand, and bra sizing is even trickier. As we explain in “How to Find a Bra that Fits”, we recommend getting a bra professionally fitted if you can. Powell (of The Pencil Test) says some lingerie shops now provide virtual fittings via text or video if there aren’t any close to where you live or you’re not comfortable going in person. Alternatively, you can take your own measurements at home.

Check out A Bra That Fits, a calculator and measuring guide from a Reedit user site, and compare your results with the recommended size guide for the bra you’re considering. It should be noted, however, that sizing can still vary – one of our testers used the calculator and was advised to order a C cup, but she’s always felt like A or B cup bras fit her best. Finally, follow these steps to ensure you’re receiving the correct size bra.

Most brands we recommend offer free returns, but you should check the return policy first, since the return policy may vary from brand to brand. Online shopping can be useful if you order a few different sizes to try on at home.

It’s worth checking out local retailers since they often have more lenient return policies than manufacturers (this is also true of some large retailers, such as Bare Necessities, which has a generous 120-day exchange policy).

Here are some tips for choosing a comfortable and supportive bra:

 Get fitted by a pro: Lisa Curbello, owner of The Bra Chick in Boerne, TX, says that it’s important to get professionally fitted by a bra expert who knows all of the bra brands and how they fit. According to her experience fitting bras for over two decades, 85% of the women who come in are wearing the wrong size! If you’re buying a bra online, be sure to review the brand’s measurements guidelines to make sure the bra fits comfortably.

Think outside the (size) box: There’s no need to limit yourself to one size. Different styles and brands have different fit standards, so you may need to go up to three sizes, depending on the manufacturing and materials,” says Elisabeth Dale, founder of The Breast Life and author of The Bra Zone: How to Find Your Ideal Size, Style, and Support. Make sure you try on different sizes and styles until you find the one that fits you well.

 Try a sister size: The “sister sizes” of your bra are one size up or down from your actual size. If you find a bra just right in one area, like the band, but a little too small or too big in another (cup size), try it. “If you’re going down a band size, you will need to go up a cup size to maintain the same fit,” Dale says. If you’re going up a band size, you’ll need to move down a cup size, she adds. For example, if you typically wear a 34C, 32D and 36B would be your bra’s sister sizes.

 Splurge a little: Curbello says there are numerous bras to suit every budget. Don’t immediately reject a bra based on its price, though. “In order to feel comfortable and supported, you should invest in a well-fitting, high-quality bra, ” she says.


Care and Maintenance:

Bras and other delicates should be hand washed after two to four uses, with a mild detergent (We recommend Soak) rather than being machine washed. According to Harrington, you should still hang your bras to dry even if you wash them in the machine (in a protective lingerie bag, with a small load of laundry on the delicate setting). An underwire can pop out of place when a dryer is being used, she said.

It can also twist, tangle, stretch, or distort the shape of a band, straps, or cup when it is being used. Bras should be replaced when the underwire begins to warp or poke through the fabric lining, when the elastic is totally stretched and when the size changes. Lastly, you should always treat bras gently, they’re called delicates for a good reason. Store them upright, nestled within one another, to avoid wrinkling or mishaps.

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