Best Bras for separated Breasts (far apart boobs)

The very beginning of finding the proper bra for you is to understand what type of breasts you have. By knowing the types of breasts you have, how to meet their needs, and how to manage them, no matter what life throws at you daily. You will have less stress going bra shopping and feel less lost when being suggested many types of bras. If your goal is to find a category of bras that will work for your body, and feel confident in what you are purchasing and what you are wearing, you are in the right place.

Types of Separated Breasts

Types of Separated Breasts

As stated previously, it is imperative to understand what shape your breasts take naturally and how to comfort them best. So, let’s look through the various types of breast types you could have. This way, you can decide on what type of features your bra must have and what you can do without. In this article, we do not go into much depth into the physical shape of your breast, but rather talk about the physical placement and stature your breasts take up on your chest. That is somewhat separate, and also important. However, these particular features are rather influential especially when purchasing bras.

 There are four types of ways your breasts can sit on your chest and your body. Each of them has to do with how far apart they are and how they hang in relation to your arms and sternum. Let’s look at each one individually.


This is the most common category of how breasts sit. This way applies to your body if you have from 1-2 inches separating your breasts at your sternum. If this sounds like you, and you happen to wear a C-Cup or larger, you probably have a healthy amount of cleavage when you wear a bra. When companies create bras and lingerie, they typically make their products for breasts based on this category of breasts.


Splayed Breasts

Breasts that are considered to be splayed are shaped so they are pulled from your sides so they stretch out passed your sides and possibly brush up against your arms without a bra on. This pulling creates a triangle at your sternum, which shows that you need extra support to keep them where they need to be. A bra needs to work even harder if you are wanting to achieve a significant amount of cleavage. Additionally, if you have a large cup size, you could also have a side-boob that pushes out towards your arms. Finding a bra that can accommodate this is tricky at first. However, it is much better than having a bra that does not fit and you end up with chaffing under your arms and on the outside parts of your breast.

Wide Set

Breasts that are considered Wide-Set have 3 inches or more separating the breasts at the sternum. Cleavage is hardly achievable with these sets of breasts and you may feel that your breasts are more in the way than anything. When purchasing bras for these sets of breasts, you will want to make sure you have a wide-center panel, a triangle-shaped cup, and side panels.

Wide-set and Splayed

As the title explains, this breast orientation category is a mix between being wide-set and splayed. Meaning your breasts are oriented on your chest more than 3 inches apart, as well as pulled towards the sides of your body.

Causes of Separated Breasts

Having separated breasts is an incredibly common trait. In fact, the main causes of your separation have to do with your genetics. The key to dealing with this trait is to simply know that your breasts were specifically made for your body. They are unique, and beautiful in giving you some amazing abilities if you choose to use your breasts that way. If you find yourself having issues with being comfortable with your breasts orientation, you can always have cosmetic surgery for your breasts. While there is still a huge controversy over having breast surgery, you should do whatever you feel is necessary in order for you to feel most comfortable in your skin. It is your body, so you should feel confident in it.

How to Find the Right Bra For Your Separated Breasts

How to Find the Right Bra For Your Separated Breasts

Separated Bras you want to look for when you are in the category typically do not need to look for many features to come with your bra to be comfortable. However, depending on the size of your breasts, you could opt for a bra that has more clips, adjustable straps, and support panels built-in to control the sides of your breasts. It also may be worth looking into the wideness of your bra straps, and the types of backings. Being picky because of how a bra lifts your breasts can help you be more comfortable and find bras you love.          

Splayed breasts require a bra that has a wide center bridge between the cups to secure the area properly. You also will want to look for bras that are balconette or demi to support your breast area. Lastly, you are in good luck if you also have a bra with side support panels that will help support your sides. This is why I suggest looking for bras that are similar to the Felina Paramour Marvelous Side Smoothing T-Shirt Bra, or the Syrokan High Impact Sports Bra. Both of these bras have side paneling and a wide center bridge that will hold your breasts in place, in the most flattering way.

Wide Set You may also want to consider purchasing a bra with a front closure, no underwire, and a push-up bra that pushes from the sides and beneath your breasts. This is why bras such as the Fruit of the Loom Women’s Front Closure Cotton Bra or the Push Up Bra for Women Plus Size Deep V Lace Underwire Bra may be a helpful place to start. With these types of bras, you may find that they provide the most comfort and the most support you have had.

Wide-set and Splayed In this case, you will want to find a bra that covers your side boob, has a wide center panel, and possibly has a front-closing feature. Bras such as the Momcozy Seamless Bra for Women Ultra Comfort Adjustable Smoothing Wireless Support Bra Invisible Bralette are a great balance between comfort and making sure you stay in one place.


No matter what size you are, what your breast orientation is, or your breast shape, you have the right to be comfortable with the boobs you have. Finding out more about what type of breast you have and how to make you more comfortable throughout your day is just a great way to embrace your body. It should be celebrated. Especially considering the lack of education most women receive about purchasing the right bra, understanding your breasts, and how to take care of the properly. They are yours, so you should be comfortable, and feel sexy when purchasing a bra for them. Take pride in your breasts and know that somewhere out there, there is a bra that was made for your type of breast. It is all about finding it.

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