10 Supportive Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts: Ultimate Guide and Reviews

For women of all ages, it’s important to find that perfect bra that will lift and support your bust. Especially for women who live active lifestyles, finding the right bra for sagging breasts can be of great help.

If your breasts are starting to sag, don’t worry! This post will walk you through 10 of the best sports bras for saggy breasts.

Best Sports Bras for Saggy Breasts

Best Full-Coverage:

1 Fittin Racerback Sports Bra for Women

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bras for Women

The Fittin Racerback Sports Bra for Women is a go-to for supporting to saggy breasts. It is a medium to high impact sports bra, making it perfect for activities from yoga all the way to jogging.

It features a snug fit which offers incredible support for heavy or saggy busts. The material that this bra is made from is soft and stretchy, allowing for a comfortable fit all over your bust. It is also moisture-wicking, making sure that you stay dry and cool throughout your entire workout. This bra features widened shoulder straps, removable pads, and a full-coverage design to ensure that you achieve the custom fit that you need for your unique body type.

Best Pull-On Closure:

2 Hanes Women’s Wireless Bra

Its wire-free construction eliminates any discomfort or poking associated with traditional underwire bras, allowing for unrestricted movement and all-day comfort. The bra is designed with a soft and stretchy fabric blend that provides a gentle touch against the skin.

With its wide underband, the Hanes Women’s Wireless Bra offers stability and support to prevent sagging and minimize bounce during physical activities. The wide straps distribute weight evenly, reducing shoulder strain and providing additional support for saggy breasts.

The bra’s moisture-wicking properties are essential for managing sweat and keeping the skin dry and comfortable, even during intense workouts. This feature ensures that you stay cool and confident throughout your activities.

The Hanes Women’s Wireless Bra is not only functional but also stylish. It comes in multiple color options, allowing you to express your personal style while staying supported. The seamless construction creates a smooth and sleek look under clothing, preventing any irritation or chafing during movement.

3 Wanayou Women’s Zip Front Sports Bra

The Wanayou Women’s Zip Front Sports Bra is made from soft, elastic, and breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable throughout your entire workout. It offers lift and support that is ideal for saggy breasts and comes with anti-slide protection that ensures your bra stays in place while you are working up a sweat.

The wide shoulder straps, zipper front closure, and racerback design help to promote support throughout your bust. It features an elastic hem to provide the most comfortable fit possible and comes with removable pads for additional support if desired.

4 Lululemon Women’s Run Times Bra – High Support

The Run Times Bra from Lululemon is a closet staple for women who love high-impact workouts, but it’s also a great option for women with saggy breasts. Made from sweat-wicking fabric and featuring perforated paneling which allows for additional airflow to keep you dry during your workout.

This bra is specifically designed for running and works great for other high-impact workouts. It features padded straps that are adjustable and crossable, ensuring that you have the most custom fit possible. The hook and eye back closure along with the soft, brushed underband makes it easy to achieve a perfect fit that will keep your bust comfortable and lifted throughout even the most intense of workouts.

5 Mirity Women Racerback sports bra

The Mirity Women Racerback sports bra is an ideal choice for high-impact workouts such as running, especially for women with saggy breasts. Its removable padding inserts along with the wire-free racerback design make this bra a comfortable and supportive option for all body types.

It features a moisture-wicking material designed to soak up sweat and keep you dry throughout your workout. This bra comes in sizes 34A to 42D.

6 Champion Comfort Full Support Sports Bra

The Champion Comfort Full Support Sports Bra features adjustable straps with a flexible underband, promoting additional support for saggy breasts. Its gel-infused straps help keep you cool and provide support while the mesh panels aid in targeted ventilation around your bust.

It has a comfortable and supportive hook and eye back closure which allows for a more custom fit. This bra comes in sizes 34C to 42D.

Best Sports Bras for Large Saggy Breasts

7 Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

The Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra features an underwire design on the outside of the cup, allowing for maximum support for saggy breasts without rubbing or digging into your ribcage. This bra is perfect for all different sorts of workouts, from jogging all the way to Zumba class. It is available in sizes 32C to 40H.

8 Glamorise Plus Size Sports Bra

The double-layer cups in the Glamorise Plus Size Sports Bra allow for incredible lift and separation that keeps your bust in place throughout your entire workout. Its adjustable straps and back closure make this a supportive option for large saggy breasts. It is available in sizes 32D to 46H.

Best Sports Bras for Small Saggy Breasts

9 Avia Zip-Front Bra

Made from fabric that is cooling and moisture-wicking, the Avia Zip-Front Bra keeps you dry even through the toughest of workouts. While this bra is a supportive option for small saggy breasts, it is best for low-impact exercises like yoga or biking. It features a racerback style with a stretchy waistband which allows for additional comfort and support. This bra is available in a wide range of sizes, from small to 3XL

10 Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra – High Impact

The Shefit Ulmate Sports Bra is an incredible option for small saggy breasts. Its patented design features adjustable straps and a front zip closure which ensure maximum support during your workout. It also has wire-free seams which make for additional comfort and the perfect fit. It is available in an extensive range of sizes, from A cups all the way to I cups.

11 No-Bounce High-Impact Sports Bra from Fabletics

The No-Bounce High-Impact Sports Bra from Fabletics is a favorite for many women who are needing extra support for their saggy breasts. It has an impressive range of sizes available, from XXS to 4XL as well as 20 different prints and colors to choose from.

The unique and trendy design includes a higher neckline with a wider bottom band which ensures coverage and support. It also features perforated panels and moisture-wicking fabric to help promote ventilation that will keep you cool throughout your workout. This bra relies on Fabletics all-way stretch technology for improved comfort and a custom fit. It comes with removable cups that are great for adding additional support if needed.

How To Choose the Right Sports Bra for Saggy Breasts?

To find the perfect bra for saggy breasts, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. First, you need a bra that prioritizes support. High impact sports bras typically offer the best amount of support since they are designed for activities such as running, horseback riding, and Zumba class.

Finding a bra with a racerback design is also a huge plus because it allows for additional lift and support that is ideal for saggy breasts. Full-coverage cups are important for women with saggy breasts who are shopping for a sports bra.

The more full-coverage your cup is, the less your breasts will bounce during your workout. Finding a bra with an adjustable waistband is also beneficial for women with saggy breasts because it allows for the fit to be customized to your body.

How To Prevent Breast Sagging?

Try these helpful tips to act against breast sagging.

Stay Active: Upper body exercises that target your shoulders, chest, and back can help to promote perkier breasts. Just a few pushups a day can make a huge difference!

Work on keeping your posture straight and upright. This can help improve your muscle tone which prevents your breasts from pulling your body forward. Think of a string that is connected to the top of your head being pulled straight upwards.

Choose the correct bra size. It’s no secret that finding the right bra size can help prevent saggy breasts. To select the perfect size for your unique body type, you should find a bra that is not too tight and not too loose on the underband. A good rule of thumb is to be able to comfortably fit your finger into the band. The cups also play an important factor in finding that perfect size. They should be large enough to cover your breast, but not so large that they create gapping between your breast and the cup.

Why do we even have saggy breasts?

On different occasions and in different ways we constantly stretch our breasts especially when we undergo certain stress. When our Cooper’s Ligaments, (the ligaments that support and suspend the breast) get stretched and the skin around the breast loosens, sagging will occur.

Can exercise help prevent breast sagging?

Regular exercise, particularly strength-training exercises that target the chest muscles, can help strengthen the underlying muscles and provide support to the breasts. While exercise cannot completely prevent breast sagging, it can help minimize the effects and improve overall breast appearance.

Does wearing a bra at night prevent breast sagging?

There is no conclusive evidence that wearing a bra at night prevents breast sagging. However, some women may choose to wear a supportive bra for comfort and personal preference. It’s important to wear a bra that fits well and feels comfortable, as discomfort during sleep can affect sleep quality.

Does breastfeeding cause breast sagging?

Breastfeeding itself does not cause breast sagging. However, pregnancy and breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast size and stretching of the breast tissue, which may contribute to sagging. Wearing supportive bras during pregnancy and breastfeeding and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help minimize the effects.

Can weight loss or gain affect breast sagging?

Significant weight loss or gain can affect breast appearance, including potential breast sagging. Rapid weight loss or gain can cause the skin and breast tissue to stretch or lose elasticity, leading to sagging. Maintaining a stable and healthy weight can help minimize these effects.

At what age do breasts start to sag?

Breasts can start to sag at any age due to factors such as genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and natural aging. However, the skin’s elasticity decreases with age, so the likelihood of breast sagging generally increases with time. It’s important to note that every individual is different, and factors other than age can contribute to breast sagging.

Can wearing a sports bra help prevent breast sagging?

Wearing a properly fitting and supportive sports bra during physical activities can minimize breast movement and provide temporary support, which may help prevent additional stretching of breast ligaments. However, it’s important to note that breast sagging is a natural process, and a sports bra alone cannot fully prevent it. Regular use of a supportive bra is recommended for overall breast health and comfort.

is sports bra good for sagging breasts

Three major benefits of buying the best sports bra for saggy breasts are:

  1. It hides your age and makes you look smarter than you actually are.
  2. It makes you fit and allows you to do your homework faster.
  3. It helps you forget the sagginess of your breast
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